Dubai Medical Innovation Center

Innovative Medical Research Facility in Dubai

Introduction – Starting Point

The Covid-19 outbreak has changed all our lives, the way we work, study, interact and shop are just a few examples of how the pandemic has interrupted and changed the normal way of life. In the future the medical research and healthcare industry will change drastically to facilitate the new norms post-Covid 19. In light of this we shall expect many changes; such as, enhancing the healthcare infrastructure, providing an early pandemic waring system, training, medical research, vaccine preparedness and immediate response to emerging pathogens, scientific methodologies and testing of innovative treatment, to name a few.

The Project
The Dubai Medical Innovation Center (DMIC) is a visionary proposal for a research and development facility that aims at fostering innovation and collaboration in the development of healthcare services around the world and particularly in the region. The complex is designed as an unconventional facility to accommodate a wide range of research initiatives in many varied disciplines. (DMIC) provides approximately 100,000 square meters of floor space to accommodate 1,000 researchers with facilities that aim to serve as a magnet for national and internationally recognized scientists and researchers.

Site Location & Master Plan
The site is selected next to Rashid Hospital and Dubai Healthcare City to add value for the district and the existing infrastructure. The DMIC site is enhancing connections, interaction and exchange to both the neighbouring (medical, research and educational facilities), and the surrounding natural landscape which improves social, psychological, and physical functioning of the users. A vibrant landscape design conceives a cohesive scene including an amphitheater for outdoor events and leisure spaces away from the main road to find its way to a serene atmosphere which allows the building to overlook an appealing view from all sides.

Concept Evolution
The nature of the DMIC facility is unconventional which cogitate on the innovation needed to get inspired about tomorrow’s means and resolutions, and so the recreational spaces shall be part of the building program to maintain a healthy environment for creativity and to be an interlude from the bustling life of Dubai.

Innovative and contemporary architecture is reflected on the building mass that is formed by three distinct buildings, each being 7-stories above podium level. Each building with a uniquely twisted architecture design with connectivity via bridges and a central podium, underground basement in addition to a sky corridor on the 5th level. With a total height of 10 floors, the building program has been organised vertically to place the common activities at the lower levels, then privacy and security is increasing as the levels go up. An Educational Hub had been placed with a variety of lecture and seminar rooms on the lower floors, supported by adequate digital libraries, simulators, rejuvenation lounges and fitness areas. In addition to this there will be an auditorium for 1,000 persons capacity with all the required supporting services. The two upper podium levels accommodate all common research and development facilities like MEG, MRI and imaging facility in addition to clinical trial rooms. A central atrium is introduced to reinforce the open space effect and permit visual contact between the various levels and the foyer below. It reinforces as well the circulation among the podium levels where amenities are integrated around it, to encourages interdisciplinary engagement between the different groups of scientists. The atrium is covered with an elegant skylight that inject the maximum amount of natural light into the heart of the building. Meanwhile, the central atrium is part of a series of common areas distributed around the complex to achieve welfare and eliminating modalities’ boundaries, accordingly.

The organic nature of the exterior translates to the interior to create an intentional and natural flow, promoting innovative workspace solutions; The room layouts are flexible, allowing them to be changed to suit methods of working. They are also highly mobile allowing teams to configure their suites at will; The design aim is to provide a humane, warm environment for working and a security infrastructure to allow for protocols within a research laboratory type setting. A variety of open meeting areas are provided outside the suites, including required technology, they essentially act as a front porch along the main circulation route. Also embedded within this layer is a series of small meeting rooms and individual think and focus rooms. Through the creation of the natural scenes of the enormous atrium spaces, public and semi-public areas immersed with daylight, and the addition of memory and cultural elements, the well-being of the spaces achieves workspace quality.

Interior design for medical research facility

Aiming to be a landmark project, the buildings dynamicity is reflected in a unique way by inclined – twisted volumes, creating spatial tensions and openness with the intervention of light and shadows on the building envelope, which creates a space for enjoyment of personal perception from different perspectives. Both functional and aesthetic, the facade enhances the performance in terms of energy efficiency as it prevents the facade from overheating during the hot summer months. While the reflective glazed facade improves the access to daylight, reduce heat transmission and glare, simultaneously, the towers setting is granting the podium roof garden and the atriums to be shaded by the building for most of the daytime.

Exterior design for medical research facility

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