Design services

MB Consultancy is an architectural and engineering consultancy firm built with a team of talented professionals and diverse experiences offering a wide spectrum of services required for projects throughout their life span, including project Conceptualization and Visualization, Design Development and Detailing, preparation of Tender and Contract Documents.

At MB, we are dedicated to creating research-driven innovative design and management that responds professionally and swiftly to changing market conditions and technologies, while our aesthetic objective has consistently revolved around creating suitable, definitive and timeless designs. Led by our Clients’ vision, we work to surpass expectations in all subdivisions of design.

Our Design services:

  • Project Management
  • Design Management
  • Master Planning + Urban Design
  • Architecture
  • Interior Architecture + Fit-out
  • Landscape
  • Engineering Design
  • Technical Specifications
  • Quantity Survey and Cost Consultancy
  • Value Engineering
  • Architect of Record

MB Consultancy Architecture and Engineering Is A Leading Integrated Design Consultant in Dubai, UAE

At MB Consultancy, we offer all our clients with the following Integrated Architecture Design Services in Dubai and the UAE

Planning – Urban design

Urban design is the process of designing and shaping the physical features of cities, towns and villages and to plan for the provision of a cohesive and stable environment. As an industry leading integrated design management company in the UAE, our design philosophy and technical capabilities allow us to design urban spaces in a structured and collaborative manner. We utilize highly experienced designers to plan and execute small projects to large urban districts. Our team of highly experienced Architects and Engineers allow MB Consultancy to execute complex urban environments and sustainable projects from conception to completion. With a renowned reputation and a dynamic team of designers, we have engaged in developing projects both regionally in the UAE and internationally to the wider GCC region.

Building design

Building design is the process of planning and designing a specific building type based on the set criteria of the project. As one of the best architectural consultancy firms in Dubai, whether it be residential, retail, commercial or any other building, we offer a full and comprehensive design scope to match the client’s expectations. Our team of fully licensed and certified architects and engineers can take the process of building design and turn ideas into creative and beautiful structures. Buildings can be deceptively complex and through our collaborative knowledge and experience we can break down these barriers and create spectacular and outstanding places where people can live in harmony and serenity. All our buildings designs create a unique and striking place where we ensure a long-term positive impact on the environment, people and nature.

Interior design

Interior design is the art of enhancing the interior of a building into an aesthetically pleasing and healthy environment for the people using the space. Interior designers plan, research, co-ordinate and manage all aspects of the interior design of a building. As a renowned interior design company in Dubai, UAE, we believe that knowledge is a key attribute to a skilled designer; they utilize their artistic mind to create an outstanding and pleasing environment that is both visually appealing and
economical. Our team of interior designer’s work with a diligent and detail-oriented philosophy ensuring that no stone is left unturned. We have an array of contacts and expertise in bespoke design concepts to ensure nothing is impossible in the world of interiors.

Space planning

Space planning is the process of analyzing how space in structures and rooms will be used most effectively. Within our building designs we include drawings and floor plans which are used to organize the room in a well-constructed way, ensuring access and circulation of the given space can be utilized effortlessly by the people using it. As well-known engineering consultants in Dubai, visual appearance is another key component in space planning and our interior designers understand the necessary criteria required for the set-space and will monitor closely the design concepts at every stage of the development.

Sustainable design

All modern-day architecture design offices should prioritize the impact a building will have on the environment. At MB consultancy, our designers always seek to avoid any negative impacts that the structure will have and ensure a functional and sustainable building is created that meets energy efficiency standards. Our team of architecture consultants have mastered the designs to take into account all relevant and significant sustainability impacts while offering alternative and more environmentally friendly options if necessary. Sustainability is more important now than ever and this is something our experienced team of architects not only understand but actually put into action in a positive and meaningful way.

Mechanical design

Mechanical design incorporates various forms including and not limited to, machines, HVAC, products, devices, instruments and structures. MB Consultancy’s architectural and engineering consultants in Dubai, UAE are highly qualified engineers with in-depth experience in mechanical design of buildings and structures. As an integral part of the construction process our engineers provide scientific and detail-oriented analytics for the construction process. Engineers fulfil the requirements for project completions and effectively rely on information from the design to provide adequate and safe realization of a project into reality. MB consultancy’s experience with projects in the UAE and beyond allow for complex projects to be executed with the support and instructions of our on-site engineers and this what differentiates us from all other mechanical engineering companies in Dubai, UAE.

Electrical design

Electrical design is the process of planning and implementing electrical equipment such as electrical components, lighting equipment, power systems, circuits, fire equipment and telecommunications infrastructure. Electrical design engineers need to be aware and stay on top of the latest trends and resolutions for all things electrical. In the design and construction of buildings, specialized software is used to a high degree which enables all electrical components of a building to be administered and installed to satisfy project requirements. For the safety and security of buildings our team provides a full and detailed electrical design plan and follows all legal requirements for the safety of the project during and after construction.

Lighting consulting

Lighting is technically complex, varied and continually evolving with the ever-changing disciplines and products available. As lighting design and electrical engineering consultants, our professionalism and experience allow us to create lighting and illumination in an aesthetically and pleasing environment. Using the latest, most cost-effective and energy efficient technology we create mood and ambient lighting to satisfy every need. As part of a design process every part of the building design should be requiring adequate natural or artificial lighting. The effect of lighting in a room can drastically alter the rooms scope or purpose and our experienced personnel will guide any project’s lighting requirement from planning or setting out a tone and atmosphere to installation. We provide full integrated design services and solutions, product testing, installation and security to comply with local regulations and we carefully manage and administer all lighting activity on site, as set out by our design team.

Cost estimating

A cost estimate is the approximation of the cost of a program, project, or operation. The cost of a building design and construction has a great impact on the commercial aspects of the project. The point of differentiation from all other architecture firms in Dubai is that we have a vast array of experience in this discipline and can safely accommodate the estimation of projects to a single value based on the work scope. A cost estimator is a professional who prepares cost estimates for all the works and is dedicated to provide approximate figures to indicate realistic costs involved. In a general business, an accountant would work with the numbers, however in the architecture field it’s the responsibility of the architects and their team to gather this estimate. It can be challenging and requires a rigorous and thorough appraisal of all the costs associated with a particular project. This information is fed back to clients and is ultimately the driving force behind projects starting. At MB Consultancy, we have decades of UAE experience behind us and our architects provide a real and proven estimate for all associated costs.

Engineering design

Engineering design is the method that engineers use to identify and solve problems. In construction, they are the technical problem solvers who can make changes and ensure construction is a possible and viable option. There are various disciplines in this sector such as electrical engineering and civil engineering, however design engineers are an all-round expert in the entire design process. When elements of the design are made, a design engineer can assist with envisaging any flaws in the design and rectify problems before they are created, equally they can resolve technical issues already initiated. The flexibility of a design engineer will allow room to transition across many disciplines to monitor the entire project. MB Consultancy ranks as the number one architectural & engineering consultants in the region because our in-house team are widely knowledgeable and multi-disciplined and who take a fresh approach with a clear resolution plan.

Technical due diligence

Technical due diligence is the process of analyzing and evaluating the feasibility of a project, technology, product or process. Our team of technical experts and architecture consultants assist with meticulously reviewing all project requirements and can identify any uncertainty surrounding the project. Within the evaluation we consider costs, timelines, feasibility, sourcing, technical specifications, building regulations and legal conformity. Our reports and findings can strategically optimize a project to offer the most cost-effective completion. This aspect of the design and construction process relies on MB Consultancy’s expertly placed individuals that can verify and validate architects and engineers works to be a viable enterprise.