Sharjah Art Museum

MB Consultancy is a leading architectural and project management services company in the region. The team at MB Consultancy participated in a competition for a concept design of a landmark building in Sharjah that would house the vast Barjeel Art Foundation’s collection.

Based in Sharjah, UAE, the Barjeel Art Foundation is an arts organization that does not seek to produce profits or financial benefits. Established in 2010, by Sultan Sooud Al-Qassemi in order to exhibit and manage his personal art collection. The collection comprises of over 1,000 pieces of modern and contemporary Middle Eastern artwork and sculptures.  The collection is considered to be of great interest throughout the world and during 2013-2018 they were exhibited in various countries including Egypt, UK, Jordan, United States, Kuwait, Iran, and Singapore.

The Sharjah Art Museum is one of an undiluted admiration for the Islamic arts and therefore a specific design requirement had to be conceived for exhibiting such a collection. As a well-known  Integrated Design solution agency, we interpreted the vision of the museum into creating an oasis for inspiration and creativity.  The museum provides the opportunity to uncover the layers of the artwork’s character/identity and offer an insight into the artists that created them.  The architectural design elevates the artwork into a dramatic and awe-inspiring exhibition. In addition, the building is inspired by local elements such as Muqarnas, Lightwell, and Barjeels.

We emphasized a structure that would appear as if its miraculously floating off the ground. The building volume has been carved to guide and welcome the visitors at its entrance. As the visitors enter the building, they will pass by a contemporary form of the Muqarnas as a symbol for creativity and a transition to a unique experience. Based on the concept of the Barjeel which was used to cool down the social space in the house, an outdoor space is created with an orientation to the dominant wind direction and a shaded water feature as an added element in the design. Finally, the lightwells concept will bring fine details to create a diffused indirect sunlight effect into the internal structure. The vast expansive skylight serves as the function of the building and becomes a focal point of the art exhibition.

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